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Payment OS for startups

Put vendor management on autopilot, seamlessly pay invoices, and access a startup line of credit. All on one platform, all for free.

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So, what's the problem?

  • Startups frequently encounter cash flow difficulties, resulting in their inability to timely pay bills and invoices, potentially jeopardizing their business operations and credit standing

  • Startups often struggle to secure traditional lines of credit due to their newness and lack of credit history, hindering their ability to pay bills and invoices promptly

  • Startups also struggle with efficiently managing and tracking their payments, leading to potential financial disarray and instability.

Defaulted Invoices
Invoices Paid Late
Failed Startups






Automate vendor and invoice payments

Link your email account to automate invoice collection and reconciliation.
Update vendor information in real time, hands-free, with each invoice that comes in.

Seamlessly pay your vendors with one click

1-click bulk pay
Alerts for upcoming invoice due dates
Your choice of payment between ACH, debit/credit card or line of credit*
*Subject to credit approval

When investors say "no," we say "yes!"

Access a growing line of credit built for startups to defer net 30 invoices to smaller monthly payments
No founder guarantee, No hard credit check, No tax returns, No security deposit, No equity... The only time you'll enjoy hearing "no" so much is with Paygeon!

Your whole financial life at your fingertips

scale your startup with a Vendor OS

Always have capital on hand when your vendors ask for payment

security first & second

Over 8,600+ Merchant Savings

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Use our powerful suite of APIs and SDKs to pull rewards options and choose which ones your customers will find more value from. There is no limit to the amount of merchant funded crypto back you can choose from, you're only limited by the number of merchants part of our rewards program and that number grows exponentially every day so be prepared to see the marketplace being updated every single day with new crypto back offers.

access to capital

Raise capital by paying your bills

Every invoice you pay on time is rewarded with a ticket for our weekly, monthly, and quarterly grants, the more bills you pay on time, the higher your chances of winning.

Weekly $1k.


  • - Pay 1 invoice a week on time for enrollment
    - Can be earned more than once

Monthly $2.5k.


  • - Pay 4 invoices a month on time for enrollment
    - Cannot be earned more than once

Quarterly $5k.


  • - Pay 12 invoices per quarter on time for enrollment
    - Cannot be earned more than once

*For more information on earning grants, visit our grants awards terms and conditions


We have developed enterprise-grade payments and capital technology for the startup and small business communities.

Accounts Receivables

Take payments from clients, issue invoices, and set your own net terms

Accounts Payables

Make vendor payments easy through ACH, Debit/Credit card, or LOC

Startup Marketplace

List your startup services at a discount or purchase from other startups at a fraction of the enterprise cost

Startup Line of Credit

Access a growing startup line of credit and other funding options

Kaped Debit Card
/Deposit Account

Deposit account
& debit card

Kapital Business Loan Program

Offering Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), Short/Long Term Loans, Lines of Credit & Real Estate Loans..

Build Your Bankroll

As a startup, accessing capital can be tough. However, "vendor credit" offers a solution, allowing you to obtain goods and services now and pay later. Building these vendor relationships is crucial for future investment opportunities.

With Paygeon, you get a centralized vendor hub to manage payments via ACH, debit/credit card, or a line of credit. Paying invoices on time can even earn you a free grant of up to $5,000.00 weekly. Stick with the platform to tap into vital capital resources for your journey.

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“ I loved how you go “we are all here for money” YES THANK YOU! Ahhh my god your program is the answer to my prayers ”

Nakita Harris
Founder At Destination Awaken.

A home for all your Net 30 vendors, invoices, & payments

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